Friday, June 23, 2017

Roles, Rules, Rituals, and Ridiculousness

I cannot believe a year has passed already, it seems mind boggling that at this time a year ago we were getting married - time flies.  Even though this is a running blog; it's often the "support team" around us that makes it happen, so I thought I would change things up a bit and do a fun:  "the first 365 days takeaways" 😂

We never sat down and said let's split who does what, but it actually just naturally happened that we play to our strengths and preferences.  I am the cleaner.  A) I love to clean B) I am very anal about it.  I still don't understand how Justin thinks the bed is made with all the creases and wrinkles in the bed spread --- you have to smooth it out and the pillows need to be in a certain order 😏
On the other hand the thought of "shopping" makes me nauseous.  I think it is because I spend all week in stores for work.  So Justin owns the Costco trip, and bug critter/control.  The later is truly a gift, because on the occasion that there is one roaming and he is not home I have to revert to getting a broom, putting my hand over my eyes, and plugging my ears (I swear I can hear the crunch #yuck). Anyways it's nice to have the split and not have to do it all on your own.

Some said, some understood😊  Justin is not allowed to eat anywhere but the kitchen, I call him "pigpen"  - that guy on Charlie Brown that has all the ^&*&*( flying above his head.  I swear, 1/2 the food never goes in his mouth, it's all over the floor and formerly the couch).  So we made the hard fast rule - no eating anywhere but the kitchen.  I do realize that when I travel this rule is broken because when I return the crumbs are dancing all over the couch because Mr. Davis has gone wild.  I also have a hard fast rule - no electronics in the bedroom, the dings and the beeps and the bright lights drive me crazy.  However, I have yet to be successful with the phone, I know that sucker still sits on his pillow, and like clockwork at 4 am all those East coasters start going crazy.  As for his rules, I have a "slight" addiction to Windex, and I am not allowed to use the kitchen towels to Windex because the chemicals will get on our food.  #fair   And then unsaid, but understood, he tends to get very grumpy when I work on the weekends, I can tell, so I try to do that when he is at tennis or on the Costco run😉

This one is probably my favorite, it's the little things you do that become your "things".  And before long you start to look forward to them every week💗  One of our favorite "things" is our Saturday Morning Starbucks/Nektar run.   Saturday is my shorter of the weekend runs so he is water boy and then we both come back and bike for coffee/acai bowls.  And.we.just.sit.there.  Even a year ago, me sitting still for 5 minutes, much less 2-3 hours would pretty much be a 7th world wonder.  But, one of the great things about Justin, is he has probably taken my Type "A" from off the charts to just top of the charts - - and I LOVE JUST SITTING THERE.  It's my total decompression time from training, from work, from life.  It's great. Why didn't I discover that earlier?  Our other one is Saturday night we go to church and somewhere different for dinner every week (well we try, I mean we have our favorites that always seem to win over!)  But again, it's just us time, nothing "fawncy" but it's the little things, the everyday things that I love about marriage most.

Ah yes, the shenanigans.   We spend many many moments laughing together.  There was the time I came home and the neighbor kids were picking up these leaf/cactus things in our yard, and when I asked them what they were doing they told me , "Mr. Davis gave us candy to pick them all up"....oh...really?  Great, so then I had to tell Mr. Davis that you can't do that or child services will be knocking on our door.  Oh Vey.  Or maybe the time when I woke up to the sound of a beebe gun, I literally flew down the stairs to find Justin attacking his friend the woodpecker whom he has had a  year long battle with.  We had a huge fight a few weeks later when his beebe gun somehow disappeared.  #ihavenoidea  Which, per usual, ended in laughter.  But, seriously you cannot do that in a neighborhood.  Oh Vey #2.  And me?  I behave all the time😉 That's the beauty of this blog, I write it, and control the content!  But somehow, I know him so well, if he had the opportunity I might know exactly what he would say❤

I wish I could find the right words to describe how much this guy has done for me this past year, but maybe I am searching for the wrong words, maybe I just learned the definition of love :)


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