I am a 32 year old female who hails from Chicago, but now lives in AZ chasing a dream. And yes, my name is Carrie, but I go by "CB". 100% heart, I believe in running your day, and not letting it run you. It has been my dream to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon for about 3 years now - - it is the passion that fuels my heartbeat. I believe in big goals, I believe in beautiful dreams, and I believe it takes a village to get there and we all interact with each other for a reason. I have been blessed with an amazing family and friends, incredible fiance, unreal company/mentors,managers, phenomenal coaches and teammates who have all helped along the way. In my little way to give back I would love to cross that line in 2:43 to say thank you for all the sacrifices and support of so many to chase this. This blog is my story on the way there - - you need not be a runner to read it, as I have learned many of the miles have taught me more about life - - than running at all. This blog hopefully has a little bit of everything for everyone :) I by no means am an expert at running; but I have tried it all, and ran quite a few miles! So hopefully something I have learned along the way will help you. Some of the best advice I have gotten has come from learning from others experiences. As always, any questions just ask, via email or in comments....but in the meantime, happy trails! CB
My coach (hero:) Adam at the Boulder Boulder (epic race you must put on your bucket list!)
My fan club, no matter what I do they always love me, Mom (my rock), sister Kate, and Eleanor
Justin (Fiance) and I - - I am the luckiest girl in the world, I do not think he has missed a race :)
Eleanor after her 1st race, I love her and her brother to pieces!
Me, in case you haven't figured out yet what I look like :)
My team!  Which I love because a) GIRL power b) incredible group of non selfish, supportive, genuine women, who are wicked fast and have BIG dreams.
I love this picture, yes I even made it black and white (impressive for me) - - It is of my mentor and probably #1 supporter in chasing this dream  - and of all things and of places, she was a former boss at P&G.  I love it because it sums up who she is; she is about 16,000 levels above me, and yet here we are looking face to face like I am her peer:)  She is the mots humble, down to earth, amazing leader I know.

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